The most of AXIe application can be used in military, aerospace, high speed digital and semiconductor, and high-energy physics. For example, military electronics like phased-array radar or electronic warfare simulation are matched with AXIe because of wide bandwidths and multiple channel nature.

System, that you can see on picture, is consisted of Giga-tronics housing Giga-tronics, Guzik, and Keysight modules and used for electronic warfare tester. Each chassis may be used standalone to perform transmitter or receiver testing. In the digital space, AXIe is used for characterization and test of high speed serial links. BERTs (32 Gb per second) characterize the parametric performance of serial links. AWGs (65 Gb per second) is used for emulating new signals with included pre-emphasis.

AXIe Multi-channel digitizers are very useful in high-energy physics. Number of channels per slot up to 32 and speed is about 40 Gb per second. High density architecture provides to get signal with precise time correlation.

AXIe can be used in different areas of human activity, where it’s necessary to have high digitizing speed or signal generation. Number of AXIe modules is increasing, so there will be standards with lower price, like AXIe-0. It has lower price and can be used in low cost applications.