How to change your Wi-Fi password using

Low Internet connection speed can be caused by huge number of users connected to your wireless network. Sometimes these users are just someone, who hacked or found your password anywhere, so it’s necessary to set new stronger password. In this guide we will enter in router’s configurations through address. Here is article about this address.

Below you will find guide for the most popular router manufacturers, which use in their devices.


To change wireless network password on Asus routers, it’s necessary to get access to administrator panel. It can be done via web-browser on device, which is connected to router. Then your wireless router address should be typed in address bar and “Enter” button pressed. If your router has default settings, credentials will be “admin” in both field.

1) In left part of interface you should choose “Advanced settings” and then “Wireless”.

2) In “WPA Pre-Shared Key” you need to set “WPA2-Personal” authentication method and specify string, which will be used as your wireless network password.

3) Save done changes.

After these actions are done, your wireless network password will be changed. Some devices will be disconnected from it.


TP-Link case is so similar as Asus. You just need to open and authorize here using default credentials (“admin” in appeared inputs) or custom if you changed them. Device, which you are using to open admin panel, must be connected to router.

1) Open “Wireless tab”.

2) Here you should see “Wireless Security”.

3) “PSK Password” field is place, where you need enter new password. “WPA2-PSK” authentication method must be specified.

4) Save new password.

After new password is set, it’s necessary to “forget” this wireless network on devices, that are connected to it.

Zyxel Keenetic

To enter in Zyxel admin panel, you should open, using browser’s address bar. Then click “Enter” button. Authorization window will appear. You need to enter credentials in it. Default credentials are “admin” as login and “1234” as password.

1) Open Wi-Fi menu.

2) Open “Security” tab.

3) Specify here you new password in “Network key” input and choose “WPA2-PSK” authorization method.

4) Save changes.

Other routers

In this guide, we specified actions for certain manufacturer devices, but, as you can see, all steps are very similar, so you can try mentioned method with your router. There will be some changes in administrator panel interface, but that’s not very difficult to find similar tabs in your router admin panel.