Are you an online gamer? What kind of games do you usually play? Is it one of the MMORPGs? These types of games are really everyone’s favorite. However, this is not the easiest game to play thus if this is the first time you are going to play an MMORPG, you might want to learn more about it.

So check this out:

For you to start a game, you should first decide what gender you want to play. Will you be a male or a female? This does not mean that if you are a guy, you will automatically take the male role. You can still experiment and take the female role. Besides, you can always delete your character and get a new one. There are even games where you can have more than one character for that matter.

For beginners, it is best to choose the easiest class yet most powerful character. If you will take the role of a warrior, it will be easier to play and is just right for a newbie like you. All you need to do is kill anyone who will go against you.

Being this is the first time you try an MMORPG, you can test all types of classes. This way you will know how each of them works. At the same time, you will also be able what you will really like to be in the end as each class has different roles.

If you are still shopping for an MMORPG right now, you can go try the global mu origin. Though this is not as simple as those single player games, still this is not the most difficult. That is why this should give you a good start. And the good news is, this is free!