Triggers and Synchronization

For complementation and coordination of modules AXIe emanating from system slot has high quality triggering system. There are number of triggers lines that cover all slots, as well as a hub-based trigger and timing subsystem that originates from the system slot. Trigger and timing subsystem high performance is provided by configuration, which includes low jitter bidirectional trigger lines to each slot, a precision 100MHz clock, and a synchronized SYNC line.

✦ PCIe Reference Clock

✦ 100Mhz Synchronisation

✦ 12 Parallel MLVDS triggers

✦ bi-directional Star Triggers

✦ 62-pair local bus


“System slot” from paragraph above may be actual slot or built into chassis. 14 slot configurations have system slot, in which system module can be plugged. Commonly, chassis with 2 or 5 slots have built in system functionality.